Why Integrated Pest Management?

Many people do not realise that Pest Management is in fact a highly regulated and specialised service with legal consequences for non-adherence by both operators and end-users. When selecting a pest management service provider, it is critical to ensure they are accredited , have a valid SAPCA(South African Pest Control Association) membership and employ registered   Pest Control Operators with valid P-numbers  to service your facilities.It is also advisable to ensure that your Pest Management company  has up to date  Public Liability Cover to offer sufficient protection in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act updates.

Kallvest is committed to compliance and a proud member of SAPCA. We employ only the most qualified and ethical PCO’s to deliver outstanding service levels to our clients, provide expert advice and ensure responsible and legal protocols are adhered to at all times.

Left unchecked, pests can have serious consequences from both a hygienic and monetary perspective for your business.We offer custom Integrated Pest Management Programmes to comply with  specific audit and market segment requirements :

Commercial IPM Programme

Food and Beverage Manufacturing IPM Programme

Industrial IPM Programme

Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution IPM Programme

Hospitality and Leisure IPM Programme

Residential Estate IPM Programme

Healthcare IPM Programme

Retail IPM Programme

Integrated Pest Management Services

Each of our pest management programmes consist of targeted  service protocols designed to effectively manage the following targeted pests:

  • Rodents
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Bed Bugs
  • Fleas
  • Occasional Invaders (ants, centipedes, earwigs, silverfish, spiders)
  • Stored Product Insect Pests
  • Large Flies
  • Small Flies
  • Termites
  • Birds

Service & Maintenance Plans

Since many pests are active year-round, we believe year-round protection is the best protection. Kallvest offers a variety of service options, including, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or once-off services. Our general pest control program covers ants, cockroaches, centipedes, earwigs, silverfish, spiders, mice and many other common pests.

Specialised Risk Services & Audits

Pest control forms an important part of company audits, especially for clients who need to conform with strict Audit Guidelines or HACCP compliant protocols.

Our experts will gladly assist you with a site Risk Analysis to identify the most likely type of pest risk, infestation level  and advice on  implementing effective treatment protocols to address these risks. We pay special attention to all components required to maintain an effective pest barrier , including:

  • Audit Guidelines
  • Risk Assessments
  • Monitoring
  • Trend Analysis
  • Reporting and Corrective Treatment Action 
  • Structural Pest Proofing
  • Fumigation
  • Fogging
  • After Treatment Follow Up
  • Treatment Frequency

Health & Safety

Health and Safety remains of paramount importance to Kallvest. We are committed to managing and maintaining compliance within the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (85 of 1993) and its regulations.

We adhere to the requirements for ethical pest management  as prescribed under the legislative requirements governed by the Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture.

Kallvest’s Pest Maintenance Treatments include a variety of options for you:

Combination of Treatments:

This includes fumigation, misting, gelling, dusting and/or spraying

Insect Light Traps:

This option provides active treatment of flying insect control, with fly trap units providing fast and effective insect eradication

Monthly Services:

Includes surface spray repellents, insect light traps and insecticidal aerosol dispensers

Rodent Bait Control:

Tamper Proof rodent boxes scattered around your perimeter makes an excellent deterrent for rats and mice. These are maintained and regularly serviced.

Our integrated treatment systems with their proven results are what you need to permanently squash your pest problem. CONTACT KALLVEST today for an obligation free quote and make your pesky pest problems a thing of the past.

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Security, Cleaning & Training Solutions

We are committed to taking care of you and your assests, smartly!


Kallvest specialises in custom security programmes specifically designed to maximize safeguarding of properties. Our solution is structured around a comprehensive Risk Analysis to identify potential threats.



From alarms to remote camera with AI capability and integrated LPR monitoring, security technology is a fast-moving industry. We invest in ensuring that we are always aware of the newest trends – keeping one step ahead.



Nothing is more impressive than a clean and well maintained building. We have the right cleaning programmes to keep your facility spotlessly clean, regardless of industry.Our  cleaning staff are on standby to clean up.



At Kallvest, we define hygiene as personal and occupational care. Whether you are making use of residential, retail, commercial or industrial spaces the importance of good hygiene should never be overlooked.



To offer knowledge, skills and competencies to individuals and organizations through research and training that meet local and global norms to satisfy the needs of our clients. To conduct education and training program.



Many people do not realise that Pest Management is in fact a highly regulated and specialised service with legal consequences for non-adherence by both operators and end-users. When selecting a pest management service provider.