Commercial & Industrial Fumigation Services

Professional Fumigation Services for Commercial and Industrial Spaces

Are you looking for efficient and eco-friendly fumigation services tailored to meet the unique needs of your commercial or industrial space? Kallvest has you covered.
Our comprehensive range of services, including spray treatments, cloud fogging, and sanitisation, are designed to ensure a pest-free, safe, and inviting environment for your business. What sets us apart is our commitment to providing fumigation services that come with a significant advantage – no disruption to production. With Kallvest, you can trust that your workspace will remain free from pests, ensuring your employees’ well-being, the environment’s preservation, and zero production downtime.
Safe and Effective Fumigation Service

At Kallvest, we pride ourselves on using state-of-the-art methods and safe, eco-friendly products for our fumigation services. Our expert technicians are dedicated to eliminating pests while safeguarding your employees and the environment.

We offer a range of specialised services:


Our cloud fogging services use advanced technology to disperse fine mist evenly throughout your premises. This method targets and eradicates pests effectively without posing any harm to your employees, the environment, or your production processes.


Kallvest offers sanitization and spray treatments that ensure cleanliness and hygiene. We use specialized products and methods to eradicate pests, giving you peace of mind knowing that your workspace remains safe for your employees.


Our fumigation spray treatments are designed to eliminate pests that can pose health risks to your employees or damage your property. We use safe fumigants, so you can rely on us to provide effective pest control with minimal disruption to your production.


Enhance your workplace’s overall cleanliness and hygiene with our range of hygiene products and soap dispensers. We offer solutions for washrooms, kitchens, and other critical areas to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for your employees. As one of the leading hygiene companies in South Africa, we take pride in providing tailored solutions to support your workplace’s cleanliness and safety.

Why Choose Kallvest

  • Minimal Production Downtime: Our pest control methods and products are designed to minimise disruptions to your production processes.
  • Eco-Friendly Approach: We prioritize environmental preservation and use eco-friendly solutions to keep your workspace pest-free.
  • Safety First: Your employees are your most valuable asset, and our methods ensure their safety.
  • Comprehensive Services: From cloud fogging to fumigation spray treatments, we offer a full suite of pest control solutions.
  • Proven Expertise: With years of experience, our expert technicians are well-equipped to address your unique pest control needs.
Industries We Serve

No matter your industry, Kallvest offers comprehensive fumigation services to address your unique pest control or sanitisation needs. We understand the diverse requirements of various industries and offer our fumigation services to:


In the fast-paced world of commercial offices, cleanliness and safety are of paramount importance. At Kallvest, we offer specialized fumigation services designed to keep your office space pest-free and welcoming for your employees and clients. Our eco-friendly approach, which includes cloud fogging and sanitization sprays, guarantees that your workspace remains pest-free without any production downtime. With Kallvest’s fumigation solutions, you can trust that your commercial office will be a clean and safe environment for all.


Food and beverage manufacturing facilities and warehouses require the utmost care when it comes to hygiene and sanitisation, and the consequences of pest infestations in this industry can be dire. Kallvest understands the unique challenges of the FMCG sector and offers tailored fumigation services. We use advanced cloud fogging and fumigation spray treatments to ensure that your facility remains pest-free and sanitized while adhering to strict health and safety standards.


In industrial environments, especially factories, minimising disruption in production is critical. Kallvest specialises in providing fumigation and sanitisation services tailored to the unique needs of factories. Our procedures are specifically engineered to minimise disruptions in your production processes. We recognise the significance of maintaining a sanitized and pest-free industrial environment while ensuring a productive workspace. Choose Kallvest to experience the effectiveness and eco-friendliness of our fumigation solutions.


In the hospitality sector, encompassing restaurants and hotels, maintaining a safe and hygienic environment is paramount to upholding a pristine image and delivering top-notch service. Kallvest provides specialised spray treatment services to guarantee that both your guests and staff revel in a clean, pest-free setting. Our eco-friendly cloud fogging and sanitization sprays not only deliver effective pest control but also ensure seamless operations. By choosing Kallvest, you can not only offer your customers a safe and hygienic dining or lodging experience but also benefit from our ongoing contract cleaning services for long-term prevention.


Kallvest provides specialised fumigation services for retail spaces, including shopping centers and malls. Our cloud fogging and fumigation spray treatments are tailored to keep your retail environment pest-free without disrupting your operations. With our fumigation and cleaning services, you can ensure a clean and inviting shopping experience for your customers, helping to protect your brand and reputation.

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